AB Group Packaging – Connecting 4 International locations
Our relationship with Zinon Cloud is based on a sound partnership that facilitates our international development, especially in terms of our infrastructures. A number of our employees are on the move and the ability to provide them with stable and reliable infrastructure is very important.
- Gerry Jackson, AB Group Packaging
The Customer's Business:
For 30 years, AB Group Packaging located in Blessington Co. Wicklow have manufactured high quality paper bags, plastic bags and flexible packaging solutions for local, national and multinational brands on a Global level. The AB Group operate four high volume capacity plants strategically located in the UK, USA, Ireland and Spain. AB Packaging Group has a diverse workforce with approximately twenty five IT users located in their four offices worldwide. A key objective when accessing IT solutions was the ability to manage growth across all four locations, and in particular, the US office.
The Need for a Solution:
The challenge of managing the IT requirements of four global locations is substantial and this was paramount in the search for a suitable IT technical solution. At the time AB Group Packaging had a specific requirement to find an IT solution to facilitate the set up of new premises which was urgent. Zinon Cloud gave them that ability immediately. There was no need for on-site servers and local IT managed support. Without the Zinon Cloud Solution AB Group Packaging would have had to invest in local servers with a local IT managed service partner, but using the Zinon Cloud Solution allowed the company to set up immediately once internet access had been established. This solution provided a major saving on IT infrastructure costs and it was a relative simple calculation to measure the associated cost and benefits.
The Decision Process:
AB Group Packaging was an existing client of Zinon Cloud, for IT managed services. AB Group were already impressed with the technical knowledge and service levels of Zinon Cloud and the established relationship was very good. In this regard it was a relatively easy decision to move to the Zinon Cloud Platform. The key decision factor for AB Group Packaging was the flexibility and robustness of the Zinon Cloud platform .AB are now confident that they have a solid IT partner and solution to manage existing and future IT infrastructure and business needs.
The Implementation:
There were some initial teething issues around speed of the system, which were quickly resolved by the Zinon Cloud technical support staff .The installation process was completed very quickly and Zinon support staff remained on site to iron out any glitches or bugs in the system. All company employees across the globe are now using the system and the ability to access the system anytime anywhere is a major advantage
The Solution in Action:
Due to extensive usage by all company personnel AB Group are totally dependent on the system. In that regard quick response and IT support is critical. When issue arises the company need a speedy and competent resolution. All support queries are usually dealt with in a matter of minutes by the Zinon technical support team
The Results:
The Zinon cloud platform has lead to savings in time, money and increased productivity in all company departments across the globe. There is now less IT downtime and the ability to access the system anytime has meant that critical information can be shared and is available across all four company locations. At Zinon Cloud we are honoured to be the preferred Cloud IT partner of AB Group Packaging. Talk to us today about our bespoke Cloud platform and how we deliver Cloud hosted desktops to any device anytime anywhere.

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