Anne Brady McQuillans DFK
At Anne Brady McQuillans DFK we are no strangers to cloud computing and really value the ability to be able to access information from anywhere. We made the decision to move to Zinon in late 2013 and to date our experience has been extremely positive. As we were moving from one cloud provider to another we were probably a more difficult client for Zinon than most of their clients who would moving to the cloud for the first time.
- Anne Brady
Accounting Firms Can Benefit from The Cloudstacks_image_8
Like many other service industries more and more accounting firms are seeing the benefits of using the cloud as a platform for their IT service needs. For maximum service efficiency, service firms such as Accountants, Lawyers, and Engineers need to focus on the discipline they are expert in and not be diverted by maintaining and updating their IT infrastructure. Anne Brady McQuillans DFK accountants are based in the heart of Dublin City center and are a long established practice offering accounting, taxation and related financial services. They have a wide and varied network of trusted clients and are a valued client of Zinon Cloud. The firm operates in a competitive market environment with an ever increasing demand from clients for a fast, efficient and flexible response to their diverse financial needs. We had the privilege of installing a cloud platform with this progressive accounting firm just over two years ago.
Overcoming the Challenge of Lacking In House IT Expertise
Like the vast majority of modern service based companies, Anne Brady McQuillans DFK had no dedicated in house expertise team to manage their ever growing and complex IT requirements. The importance of quick remote access anytime, and anywhere, was at the heart of their IT needs. This is particularly important for facilitating face-to-face meetings with clients. That said, Anne Brady McQuillans had a cloud solution provider previously, but they were unhappy with the service being offered. Their response to queries was slow and unwieldy in part because logged out employees often had to wait for long periods to regain access to their network. In the end they felt that their business was not being appreciated and “they had become a little fish in a big pond”. Yet their remote access requirement remained.
Referrals from Zinon Cloud Satisfied Clients
So, Anne Brady McQuillans DFK first heard about Zinon Cloud through a business networking group. A company employee who was a member of the network flagged to group members that they were having service related problems with their existing cloud provider. Another member of the group who was a satisfied client suggested that they give Zinon a call.
Ease to use Interface
Zinon were invited to visit Anne Brady McQuillans where their solutions experts presented and demonstrated the key features and benefits of our cloud solution. The feedback from the outset was very positive and the personnel in the firm were so impressed at how easy it was to “get around “and navigate the interface. Everybody could understand and use the system from the very beginning.
Zinon Cloud Installation Process
The process of installing the Zinon cloud platform was trouble free. Our installation experts arrived on site on Friday afternoon and by Monday morning all company employees had access to the Zinon platform, The Zinon technical staff stayed on site for the first day to ensure all queries and glitches were dealt with efficiently. Indeed, we worked closely together for the first week to ensure the transition from the old system to the new one worked seamlessly.
Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
At Zinon we work really hard to offer the highest levels of customer service and it is something we continually strive to improve. The positive feedback we received from Anne Brady was very gratifying because we knew that there was a high level of concern prior to the migration to the Zinon platform. Anne Brady McQuillans have been a client of Zinon for two years now and all company employees use the platform on an ongoing regular basis. Company personnel are delighted about the ability to log in anywhere, anytime. This even applies when on vacation where the laptop is left and home but it is important to check the “odd email!”
Ongoing Customer Back Up and Service
All software upgrades and installations are now dealt with remotely by Zinon on behalf of the firm. It's just a matter of sending an email with the request which is usually resolved within minutes by our support staff.

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