Howard Instrumentation
The decision to partner with Zinon has been a very positive one for our business. We now have an IT solution that allows us to move forward and focus on our core business.
- Niall Howard, Howard Instrumentation
Client Overview
Howard Instrumentation a Kildare based business is one of Ireland's leading Instrumentation and Service providers specializing in the supply of calibration, test, measurement and control solutions for a large customer base all over Ireland. Like many Zinon Cloud clients Howard Instrumentation understood that it was essential to continue to focus on their core expertise of offering instrumentation and measurement solutions to their clients and not be distracted by the maintenance and upgrading of their IT infrastructure.
The need for a Solution.
The company was keen to improve efficiencies in all areas of the business including IT. Significant resources were being utilized in IT that could have been diverted to other areas of the business. Howard Instrumentation customer base is wide and varied and thus it was also essential that the company instrumentation technicians had IT access anywhere anytime when on site with clients.
Cloud Vendor Selection Process
Howard Instrumentation first became aware of Zinon Cloud when carrying out online research into IT cloud solution providers. During this initial research phase they had identified a number of potential cloud solutions partners. A short list of vendors was complied and due diligence involved a series of face to face meetings and assessing references , track record with existing customers. From the outset Howard Instrumentation were highly impressed with the capability and service offering of the Zinon Cloud solution. This was verified by conversations with a number of existing Zinon Cloud customers who confirmed their complete satisfaction with the product and service levels. From talking to existing clients the biggest differentiator was the obvious technical knowledge and customer support of the Zinon Cloud team.
Ease of Installation
Once the selection decision was made the whole installation process was completed in less than a week. During the installation process we worked closely with the technical and administration team at Howard Instrumentation. The Zinon Cloud technical staff stayed on site for the first few days to ensure that the transition was smooth and any queries or glitches were ironed out immediately. In summary the transition from the old system to the new Zinon cloud platform was seamless.
Positive Feedback. Remote Access anywhere anytime
The positive feedback from Howard Instrumentation since installation has been very gratifying. All members of staff are now using the system and are delighted at how user friendly it is to understand and navigate the interface. The staff at Howard Instrumentation is delighted with the ability to log on anywhere anytime.
Ongoing support and Backup
Zinon Cloud offer comprehensive ongoing support and all software upgrades and installations are now handled remotely by Zinon personnel. The process involves sending an email with the request and our support staff usually resolves any issues within minutes The net result is that the company can now concentrate on what it does best and does have to worry about the cost and maintenance of their own IT servers. They have found a simple cost effective solution to satisfy their IT requirements.

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