O’Brien Harnett & Associates
We recently partnered with ZINON Cloud because of their impeccable reputation and professionalism. We recently went to them for cloud computing services and have had nothing short of favourable service. We have been amazed how everything fit into place just the way we wanted it to. As a busy accounting firm we cannot afford time to manage our own computing needs which is why we have entrusted ZINON to do for us. I would highly recommend ZINON to anyone seeking cloud computing services
- Ronan O’Brien
The Customer’s Business
O’BRIEN Hartnett & Associates has been a service oriented Chartered Accountancy firm located in Dublin. Since 1983, this company has had a team of over 25 associates centered on providing tax and accounting services.
The Need for a Solution
O’BRIEN Hartnett & Associates needed a cloud computing solution to help increase efficiency with onsite clients and the convenience of an IT managed service since their current on-premises IT solution was quickly becoming difficult for them to manage on their own. “had we not elected to move to the cloud, we would have had to replace our existing server and continue to manage our IT on-premises.” Ronan O’Brien stated. “we explored the option of upgrading the server and alternative cloud options. We consulted with our current IT service provider who supported the idea of moving to the cloud. The other cloud providers did not provide a robust solution for us.”
The Decision Process
O’BRIEN Hartnett & Associates conducted an Internet search and found ZINON as a possible candidate to serve their cloud computing needs. Mr. Ronan O’BRIEN and the management team were involved in the selection process of choosing ZINON. The team was mainly concerned with tangible costs when selecting a cloud provider to fit their needs. The team wanted a solution with several intangible benefits that was easy to use and implement with their current business model. While other providers claimed they could implement a solution over a period of 6 months, ZINON was able to install and implement their cloud solution in just one weekend.
The Implementation
The planning process with Ronan and management went smoothly and the migration of data exceeded expectations by only taking one weekend. Down time, security concerns, and data loss were of initial concern, but everything went as well as planned.
The Solution in Action
We really needed remote access to our data as it was very time consuming to perform work onsite with a client and later uploading everything to our office server and later having to download it for a meeting. With everything saved securely in the cloud, we no longer have to worry about data loss in the event one of our laptops becomes lost or stolen since nothing resides on any of our physical machines. Everyone in the firm uses the solution ZINON setup for us.
The Results
The amount of time we save by having access to our data anytime anywhere has allowed us to increase productivity. We save several hours every week with our new cloud solution by ZINON which, in turn has allowed us to increase our customer service to all our clients.