Zinon Cloud for Solicitors

A Solicitors business, like all professional service providers, is built on reputation. You are trusted to perform for your clients, to deliver advice and provide a service of an exceptional high standard. Your IT system needs to be of a similar standard.

Having remote access and allowing staff to share and collaborate on documents offers greater productivity and flexibility.

Solicitors may use online data storage systems to store and back up client confidential information, provided they take reasonable care to ensure that confidentiality will be maintained in a manner consistent with their obligations to their client. Zinon Cloud is designed exactly to maintain this confidentiality.

Zinon Cloud’s service allows Solicitors to stay abreast of technological advances to ensure that the storage system remains sufficiently advanced to protect the client’s information. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you, or keep reading to learn about solicitors we work with.

Access from anywhere & off-site support
We have been using cloud computing provided to us by Zinon since August 2009. It is an excellent product. Like most small businesses, we do not have specialised IT staff. This system allows us to access our information from anywhere in the world. Support is provided off-site. I would recommend this system to anyone.
- Joe Morrin – SolicitorsRead More

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