Four reasons the cloud is safer than you think!

Cloud or Hosted Desktops are often thrown around buzzwords that many people who don’t fully understand cloud computing use. But, the basic facts of cloud computing are fairly simple. Due to its utilization of the Internet and the way that people access their data through cloud computing, many fear the technology, think it’s expensive or otherwise hard to manage. But it actually makes data more secure and easier to access, not to mention cheaper to store. Cloud computing doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be painless and simple once it is understood. Let me explain how the cloud is safer than you believe.

1. The Cloud is more secure than 99% of home PCs

Although the public perception of the cloud is that user data is out there, ready to be taken by any enterprising hacker, Home and office PCs are frequently targeted by hackers because of the relative ease with which malware can find a way on to those machines. This has more to do with the security standards practiced by small business and home users, but is still an important element in understanding the risk of cloud migration. Data centres that store information on the cloud have robust anti-malware, anti-virus and active security firewalls already in place, and therefore have far fewer breaches. About 58 million computers in America alone have at least one malware infection. It is highly likely that, unless home and office computers are secured against these digital threats, they have been attacked by or infected with malware.

2. Cloud traffic should be encrypted

Cloud or desktop hosting companies will provide encrypted information storage services for businesses and personal users who want backups, but want to keep data safe from potentially prying eyes. There’s nothing that prevents users from encrypting files themselves before uploading them to a cloud service. Many cloud services accept encrypted information and others like Google and Yahoo automatically encrypt data when it is being transmitted through the internet.

3. The Cloud is for everyone

Now that cloud computing or desktop hosting is a much bigger business than it used to be, most cloud services go down rarely, if ever. This means that many enterprise level companies are leveraging the easy management of information that the cloud offers. No matter what the size of a company is, they can benefit from the mobility that cloud computing provides. Individuals already use the cloud without knowing that they are using it – anyone who streams music, uses email (like Gmail), or plays online games is using cloud technology.

4. The Cloud is cost effective

Cloud computing or desktop hosting tends to be very inexpensive for businesses looking to scale up – that is what makes cloud technology so exciting in the first place. It used to be that hard drives were so expensive that labs and corporations used just one central server and had terminals that connected to that server. Although the modern day applications of cloud hosting for use in gaming and massive file storage are relatively new, they are only truly new because of their scale, not because of the underlying idea. In the budgets of companies that need to juggle many priorities, any money that can be saved on storage can be spent on security. Data centres, due to their anti-virus software, encryption, and other services provided, can save money for businesses by acting as both a storehouse and protector for their information.

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