Good Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Few companies can afford the downtime caused by an IT related disaster. Those capable of weathering such events usually have the data centres; internal IT expertise and budget to do so, options that aren’t available for most SME companies.
However things are changing, as many companies look away from traditional disaster recovery solutions and to the cloud. According to a recent market survey, 43% of respondents are getting started with Cloud to improve their disaster recovery capabilities. With Cloud based Disaster Recovery, businesses can leverage cloud-based disaster recovery at a price they can afford.

While there are many reasons to adopt a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, we highlight the top 4 reasons below:

1. Ease of Getting Started

Traditional disaster recovery plans are often complex, requiring dedicated budgets, knowledgeable staff and management resources your company may not be able to spare.
With ZinonCloud’s built in Disaster Recovery we make it easy for companies to get an effective DR plan in place. By providing a simple, secure, automated process for replicating and recovering applications and data in the case of a local disaster or disruptive event. DR is the cheaper alternative to investing in new hardware or IT specialists.

2. Flexible, Lower Cost Alternative

In the past, traditional disaster recovery solutions often forced companies to decide what they need to protect versus what they can afford to protect. This situation puts companies in a vulnerable position – if a disaster were to strike, inadequate protection could result in the loss of valuable company data.
ZinonCloud’s built in Disaster Recovery addresses a multitude of different requirements needed to support common Disaster Recovery use cases, allowing companies to replicate and recover applications and data at a significantly reduced price point.

3. Management of DR

The on-going maintenance and monitoring of DR solutions usually requires new training and skills, which can be time-consuming and cost prohibitive for many companies.
However, ZinonCloud’s built in Disaster Recovery provides users and companies the peace of mind that specialised Cloud engineers are managing this on a daily basis on their behalf.

4. Self-Service Protection

The quality of a disaster recovery solution often depends on the quality of support your company receives when implementing and testing it from your IT maintenance company. ZinonCloud’s Disaster Recovery allows self-serve protection, which means you have complete control over what to protect and when. We can also set custom Recovery Points for each hosted desktop and control replication frequency based on application priorities.

Cloud-based disaster recovery — like ZinonCloud’s built in Disaster Recovery — gives companies more benefits and control at a lower price point than traditional disaster recovery solutions. For more information on why you should adopt a built in cloud-based DR contact us today on +353 45 409 140 or at