‘Zinon Cloud’ comes to rescue in France

Zinon Cloud came to the rescue in France

Those French air traffic controllers have gone and put a spanner in the proverbial works.

While there may be plenty of clouds over Paris there are fewer airplanes thanks to those flying French strikers who control the skies.

Zinon Cloud

Meet Joe. He’s won the ‘Boss of the Year’ title for the last five years. He spearheads a small construction company in Ireland.

Joe had no problem giving his project manager and his hardworking ‘team’ of surveyors and engineers the day off for Ireland’s match in France.

But there’s one proviso!

Monday’s flight to Charles de Gaulle is undertaken with a promise of the ‘red eye’ back to Ireland the morning after the Parisian showdown.  That important client presentation needs to be finished and ready for sign-off with the customer by end of business on Tuesday.

No excuses allowed!  Joe’s hard working team are in touching distance of getting the project over the line.

It was a collaborative effort but all hands are needed on deck for the final countdown.
They were up for the challenge.

The performance of the Boys in Green was toasted with the best Bordeaux.
However,  an early night beckoned for Joe’s team.  Check in at the Airport was 6.30 am.
Then the texts started arriving.

‘Mon Dieu.
”All flights to Dublin have been cancelled until Wednesday at the earliest.
“C’est la Vie”, you could imagine the French traffic controllers saying as they puffed on their Gitanes.

The news gets back to Dublin quicker than Wes Hoolahan sprinted to celebrate his wonder goal against the Swedes.
What about the Tuesday deadline? No problem.

Joe’s company is in ‘Zinon Cloud’.

All the company’s important data and documentation is stored in a virtual office accessible by the entire team in Paris.

Remote accessibility is one of the many benefits of ‘Zinon Cloud’. It allows multiple users access the same files in different locations.

Once internet connection is secured, Joe’s team get the project finished from their ad-hoc Parisian base.

Deadline met and the customer satisfied.
Saved by ‘Zinon Cloud’.  Great result all round!