Common Misconceptions about cloud computing

Common Misconceptions about cloud computing that could be costing you money

If you are one of the few business owners still skeptical about the benefits of cloud computing, some common misconceptions could be holding you back from experiencing the full benefit of cloud computing.  Cloud computing is a great way to make more agile technical moves for your business and cut costs drastically by reducing the amount of capital you need for business operations.

Passing Fad

Contrary to what some believe, cloud computing is here to stay.  The infrastructure provided by the cloud trumps physical on-premises infrastructures by far.  The cloud is not disconnected from current computing and chances are you are already using it.  Social media, Gmail, and many other services are already in the cloud.  Cloud computing is designed to save companies large upfront costs, if you don’t take advantage of it you may be spending more money than you should for your IT infrastructure.

It’s more expensive than on-premises solutions

While you will incur minimum costs from making the move to the cloud, you are eliminating the need for on-premises hardware and support.  Cloud servers are upgraded and maintained by cloud service providers, which eliminates that cost on your end for a simple subscription fee.  Cloud solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes with budgets of all sizes.

Cloud computing is complex

Cloud computing is not very complex; you can find easy to use solutions from many cloud providers for your business needs.  With a wide variety of solutions to choose from, you should be able to find a solution to fit your specific needs while keeping your costs down.

It is only affordable for enterprise solutions

The cost of cloud computing solutions is affordable for all types and sizes of businesses.  Several cloud solutions are designed for small businesses looking to get away from the upfront cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware.  Several cloud computing solutions are ready to go out of the box for general business use to cover many needs of small companies.

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