Cloud Computing for Construction – The Benefits

Cloud Computing for Construction has many benefits

Cloud ComputingTechnology and construction go hand in hand; it has become as important to the industry as the traditional tools associated with it. Cloud computing for construction is one of the aspects of technology that has been imperative to the smooth Cloud Computing for running of construction projects and companies. Worldwide, the cloud has been helping construction companies improve their communications, lower costs, and become more flexible. Zinon Cloud recently worked with top Irish construction company MDY Construction and developed a cloud solution for them. This has ultimately saved them time and money and has much improved inter-company communication. Benefits experienced by MDY Construction and other construction companies thanks to the cloud. Include:

Mobility and Accessibility

Mobility is important in the construction industry. Largely based out of the office, employees of construction companies need to be able to work from anywhere and to access files whenever and wherever needed. Zinon Cloud enables our customers in construction to download data and access files on any device, even when on site. Scalability and flexibility in construction, some projects are bigger than others and require larger teams. The scalability and flexibility of Zinon Cloud makes it the perfect addition to the operations process for this reason. Zinon Cloud g allows your company to upscale or downscale your requirements based on each project. This allows you to support each project as it grows through the various stages.


One of the main deciders for construction companies when learning about the benefits of cloud for their business is cost. Construction companies that migrate to the cloud notice the cost savings almost immediately. Rather than purchasing, servicing and maintaining large physical equipment, Zinon Cloud foots the cost with Irish based servers and equipment. It is a less expensive way to store your information, to carry out essential administration in much more cost effective way.

Time Saving and Efficiency

Finally, cloud computing for construction saves on time and results in more efficient work and administration. Our customer, MDY Construction, has stated that their team has become more efficient and saves on time because of the cloud. While their previous system resulted in them often spending time searching for the correct files, now it takes only moments. This means they are wasting less time with an efficient system, and spending more time on more productive activities. There is no denying that Cloud Computing is a valuable asset to construction companies. The benefits are clear, and have been proven by our customer, MDY Construction. Get in touch with Zinon Cloud if you feel that your business would benefit from migrating to The Cloud and we can create a solution that will benefit your business.