Cloud Computing for Solicitors – The Benefits

What are the benefits of cloud computing for solicitors?

Over the past decade, legal practices and solicitors have had the chance to migrate their network data and operations to the cloud as an alternative to traditional on-premises IT solutions.  Cloud computing is growing and may, in fact, be the most economical solution in the future to save money.  The benefits of transitioning older systems in a solicitors firm to the cloud include cost savings and efficiency.

The cloud for solicitors

Easy scalability

Solicitors who wish to scale at a faster pace find it is critical to use an environment that will grow as they need it to grow.  Many cloud solutions are subscription-based which allows you to change requirements at any time for month-to-month service.  The scalability of cloud computing also allows you to increase the amount of data storage you need even though you are not adding more users.  This can reduce the amount you spend per unit instead of adding more subscriptions for more users in your firm. Zinon Cloud For Solicitors is ‘pay per user’ so you only pay for what you need.

Accessible from any location

With a traditional on-premises based solution, you have to be physically located in your building, which means you have to pay the overhead for that building.  If you switch to a cloud-based solution, you and your associates can work from home, at a courthouse, or at a client location to file everything you need.  Because cloud computing puts data on remote servers outside of your direct control, it may be cause for security concerns regarding client confidentiality and the rules for professional conduct.  This is untrue because cloud security protects your data against attacks, theft, and other malicious activity.

Lower upfront cost

One of the best benefits to cloud computing is the lower upfront cost.  You don’t have to pay out of pocket for physical servers and individual licenses, which can save you thousands over an on-premises solution.  You can spend that money elsewhere or reinvest it in additional cloud security or additional software services.

Better collaboration

Coordinating work between time zones and business hours is difficult.  Sending files back and forth through email makes it difficult to capture version control.  Cloud computing offers team collaboration software with the option to keep version control and an environment to share information among the firm quickly, easily, and at any time.  This provides a much better way for your legal teams to work.

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