The Cost of Cloud Computing for Businesses

The cost of cloud computing for your business – what kind of cost will migrating to cloud computing incur?

At Zinon Cloud, we understand that cloud computing costs plays a major part in any business IT decision, not least of all in deciding to migrate your computing infrastructure to cloud. Cloud computing is fast becoming known as the most efficient IT infrastructure, but also the most cost effective. In this blog post, we’re going to answer one of the most common asked questions – what is the cloud computing cost of migration to the cloud?

The cost of cloud computing

The largest cloud computing cost is the equipment

The largest cloud computing cost in IT is the equipment, however, if you move to the cloud, it’s a cost you can strike off your outgoings list. Cloud servers are housed off-site, away from your office and maintained by your hosting company. At Zinon Cloud, our servers are based in Ireland and are regularly maintained with no extra cost incurred by the customer.

Cost per user and per space

Some Cloud providers will charge you a bulk upfront cloud computing fee for a yearly or monthly service, regardless of the space you use, or the number of people using it. At Zinon Cloud we are advocates of only paying for what you need. If you don’t need 10 terabytes of space, we won’t sell it to you, likewise if you only need 3 users. However, as our service is scalable, we allow you to increase and decrease your required users and space as you need it. This means that you are not spending money on things that are not necessary, thus avoiding unnecessary cloud computing cost.

A once off cloud computing set up fee

Of course, the initial migration to the cloud does require a fee, and this wholly dependent on the volume of the project, and what cloud computing cost your business will accrue in the process.

Save overall

We believe that The Cloud is the most cost effective, efficient and secure option when it comes to choosing an IT infrastructure. Although it may not be the most viable option for every business, we have found it to be the best choice for small to medium enterprises, not least of all due to the overall savings. The lack of maintenance fees, the savings made through lower electricity costs and so on mean that it is a much more viable choice for many businesses.

At Zinon Cloud, value is at our very core. We want our customers to feel 100% satisfied that they are getting the best value at all times. That’s why we offer free demonstrations and a 30-day free trial to customers before they sign up. Click here to avail of our free trial offer.