What is Cloud Computing for Business? A guide for beginners

Cloud Computing for business is one of the most searched business terms in Ireland, but what does it mean?

“Cloud Computing for Businesses” is something all tech and business experts will tell you about, but do you ever feel like you’re not really getting a full understanding of what it’s all about? The basis of Cloud Computing is simple – your files are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, but what does it mean for your business?

Think of the Cloud as a place where all your work information is stored, safely and securely, ready for you to access and amended anytime you need.

You have been using Cloud Technology for much longer than you think. Your emails are, essentially, in the cloud. Think about it! You can access them anywhere; you can save drafts on your phone and finish them in the office on your computer. Using Zinon Cloud is much like this. You might start working on a document in the office, finish it on the train on your phone on the way home from work, proof read it after dinner on the sofa, and email it to your client the next morning back at your desk. All this can be done without having to download and upload various versions of the document because they are stored on a server that can be accessed by you wherever and whenever you need to.

What is cloud computing for business?

How is the cloud beneficial to business?

Zinon Cloud takes Cloud Technology one step further – it’s not just about any time, any place access, it’s about making work life better for your business, employees and yourself. Our hardware and software resources meet your storage and communication needs, without you having to pay for more than you use. This means budget wastage is minimal.

Allowing your employees to have the means to communicate and complete work in a more flexible manner will boost their morale, and therefore boost productivity, which can only be a benefit for your business. As well as this, backed up files, data security, and ease of use all make for a more seamless work process, with little room for error.

You’re future proofing your business

Zinon Cloud is one of the more advanced Cloud Computing solutions available to businesses in Ireland at the moment. As well as our technology being ahead of the crowd, our team prides itself of staying abreast with current and future developments in the IT industry.

For years people have been talking about the decline of the dedicated server, and the end is sure to come in the next few years. By taking Cloud Computing on board now, you will not only make work more efficient and productive for your employees, but you will also be future proofing your business. Zinon Cloud’s solution is all about protecting your business and improving how you carry out various processes; this includes amongst others preventing your business from falling behind with soon-to-be extinct technology.


Want to learn more about how your business will improve with Zinon Cloud? Apply for a free 30-day trial of our system to see for yourself just how much of an impact Zinon Cloud could have on your day to day tasks.