Make Better Company Organisation your goal for 2017 with Zinon Cloud

Company organisation is a component of success – make it a priority in 2017

One of the major benefits of Cloud Computing with Zinon Cloud is that it enables your company to take a more organised approach to file management and sharing. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the ways in which Zinon Cloud’s solution can help your company become more organised and efficient in 2017.



  • Easier file sharing

Easier file sharing means that you can cut back on unnecessary time wastage. Downloading a file, sending it to your colleague, them sending it back to you and so on; it can be time consuming and frustrating. Zinon Cloud’s solution provides you with a much more organised approach. All of your files are stored in a server. This means that when you upload or edit an existing document, all you have to do is send an Instant Message to your colleague to tell them it’s there. File-sharing has never been quicker or easier.

  • Version Control

Lack of version control is one of the most common causes of disorganisation and bad communication within a business. When working on in-house servers, or even online file management programmes that are not cloud based, work can be easily lost or overwritten. With Zinon Cloud managing versions is much easier – your files are located in one place and files cannot be edited if someone else has it open, meaning new work won’t be overwritten.

  • Better Collaboration

Better organisation means better collaboration with your colleagues. Several people can add to documents without having to download and re-upload documents. This means important documents can be created, edited, added to and proof read at a much quicker rate.

  • Easier communication with clients

With our Cloud Technology, you can give clients access to files, meaning that they can upload any necessary information or images that you require without hassle. It also means that, when working on collaborative documents, your clients can have access and make amendments where necessary.

Overall, Zinon Cloud’s platform will help your business to create a more organised, streamlined environment, which will ultimately save you time and increase productivity. Many of our customers have found Zinon Cloud to be almost life changing, making their working days more efficient and manageable. Why not read some of our case studies relevant to your industry? If you want to learn more about Zinon Cloud, please contact us to arrange a free demonstration.