The benefits of work location flexibility

The benefits of work location flexibility fall in favour of the company and the employees

One of the main attractions of Cloud Computing for business is that it provides employees with the opportunity to work from where they need to. Work location flexibility is often delivered as work benefit to employees, but what are the benefits for the employing company? At Zinon Cloud we understand that it is in the interest of the company to ensure that any benefits offered to employees provide some kind of positives to the business.

benefits-of-work-location-flexibility benefits of work location flexibility

Work location flexible policies are beneficial to both parties – all the more reason to consider investing in Cloud Computing. Here are the key positives:

  1. A wider talent pool

If your company has a policy of work location flexibility, it means that you have access to a wider talent pool. You won’t be restricted to employing people who live within a commutable distance to your office. This is particularly beneficial to businesses based in rural areas – you have access to experienced, talented professionals throughout the country, or even throughout the world.

  1. New sources of talent

As well as opening the talent pool up in the geographical sense, you will also make it possible to hire suitably skilled and experienced individuals who may not be available for traditional working hours. Full-time parents or full-time mature students might have the exact experience and knowledge you are looking for, however your inflexible policies might make it impossible for them to work for you. Having a more flexible time and location policy in place will mean that you are able to hire the right people for the job, allowing them to work in a way that suits them.

  1. Continuity of work

Did you ever have to close your office due to power cuts or adverse weather conditions? Has anyone in your office had to take a day off because something happened at home and they can’t leave the house, or because they had car trouble? Zinon Cloud allows your employees to work from home, therefore if these situations arise, they can continue to work. It might mean that the office is closed or one less person will be in the office, but that doesn’t mean the work has to be interrupted.

  1. A more productive work force

There have been many studies and surveys that have proven that telecommuters are more productive than their in-office colleagues and counterparts.

  1. Give a little, get a little

It’s a given in business that if you treat your employees well and respectfully they will work hard and have no issue giving a little more when it is required of them. If you allow your employees to work from home on certain days and don’t make an issue of it, or make them feel guilty for doing so, they will be more likely to work extra hours if needed, or to go above and beyond their call of duty.

If you believe that work location flexibility would be of benefit to your business and employees, why not arrange a meeting with Zinon Cloud? Our Cloud Computing solution not only enables your employees to work remotely, it enables them to do so seamlessly. Contact Zinon Cloud to arrange a free demonstration.