Key advantages of a Hosted Desktop Service

What are the key advantages of a Hosted Desktop Service for Professional Service Companies?

Hosted Desktop saves time and money on IT configuration and management for your computing environment.
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The key advantages for companies in the professional services sector include:

  • Cost savings – major reductions in costs

Businesses especially professional services companies need to operate efficiently. Hosted desktop provides significant IT savings over PC-based network designs. When considered in terms of simplifying your IT and reducing the maintenance and labour requirement, the cost benefits are significant.

Hardware costs are minimised, electricity costs are reduced, maintenance costs are reduced and most importantly downtime is reduced – the all-important hidden cost of time lost or opportunity lost because of downtime. This is all the more significant when you have multiple users and a greater reliance on IT, as most service businesses.

  • Downtime – reduced

The largest hidden cost in a Managed service environment is downtime. Zinon Cloud can enable you to address issues immediately 24/7, no need to wait for the call out and pay premiums for out of office hours or emergency work. No waiting for the support guy to call, after he is finished with another client, Zinon Cloud can address most issues within minutes with remote access.

  • Security – enhanced

Hosted desktop provides unrivalled security and simplifies the ability to meet many of the IT related security requirements. Our clients rely on Zinon Cloud to protect their information and meet the required regulations required by their professions.

  • Why is Zinon Cloud a preferred technology service provider to the services sector in Ireland?

Zinon Cloud is a specialist provider of cloud technology solutions to the professional services sector. We have the expertise and experience to help professional service sector companies, like accountants, solicitors, engineers and construction companies. Please review some of our case studies to understand how we can help.