Checklist of 2017’s technology essentials for SMEs

SME’ s don’t have time to keep track  the latest technology trends while running a business, let alone act on them. Best practice and doing what is needed may not be the same thing.
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Zinon Cloud have compiled a shot checklist that will help you keep up to date with some of the more pressing technology trends. Some critical and some that will become more important as you grow.

  1. Mobile technology

We are all mobile, in business and in your personal life. Your business needs to be mobile-ready. Your Website needs to be mobile friendly, your business needs to be accessible from a mobile search. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with a higher ranking. Do you need an app for your business? Do you need a mobile payment platform?

  1. Move to the cloud

Why are more and more companies are moving to the cloud?  because, the cloud provides greater scalability, security, efficiency and flexibility regarding access rather than the more traditional on site server configuration.  Review some of our case studies to hear how the Zinon Cloud can help transform your business.

  1. Collaborative tools

The modern office is no longer restricted by office walls, more and more staff are working from home, remotely, travelling and  working from clients’ locations. For companies with a remote workforce, collaborative tools are available for every type of sector, process and team size and budget. Some tools are available on the Saas (software as a service) model and some tools are highly specific to a particular industry or profession.

  1. Chat tools

A significant number of businesses are utilising chat tools for customer service and lead generation, as well and internal communication tools. These tools allow companies to interact with users on Facebook Messenger, websites, text/SMS, Skype, Office 365 mail, Teams and other services.

  1. Cyber-security

The big scary term,  cyber-security remains the biggest obstacle facing businesses of every size. An effective, end-to-end security system that allows you to not worry about any downtime, hacking, security breach or actual loss of information (sensitive or not) is of paramount importance. This is the most significant part of any technology plan to mitigate risk. The stories are widely available, just make sure the next story to hit the papers is not about you.

  1. Marketing automation

Make your sales and marketing teams more efficient and effective with Sales and Marketing Automation. Use these tools to allow you to sell more by using technology intelligently. The range of sales and marketing tools available is vast.