How Zinon Cloud can help improve staff morale in your company

Even the most passionate, enthusiastic employees will eventually begin to view their positions as repetitive. It’s natural, which is unfortunate since it usually marks the beginning of a decline in employee morale. In recent years, leaders across industries have realized the value of reversing this trend and have searched for new ways to improve overall morale. However, these efforts are often costly and tend to pull employees away from their work for a short while, thus reducing productivity. But, what if there was a low-cost way to actually improve morale for the long-term? Even better, what if this method could in itself simultaneously improve overall productivity AND efficiency? It exists, and it’s probably the last place you’d look: cloud computing.

That’s right, integrating cloud services with your business operations can actually help improve employee morale. How is this possible? Studies show that increased flexibility in the workplace greatly enhances workforce morale. Stress is reduced, and employees feel more empowered when presented with multiple options. How does this relate to cloud computing? Because the very reason it exists is to provide more flexibility, enhanced collaboration and streamline a variety of business tasks.

Cloud computing offers more flexibility to employees by storing files and information on an easily accessible server. Employees can access important business documents while traveling to clients or even working from home. Needless to say, they don’t actually have to be at the office to contribute towards tasks or projects.

We also know that allowing employees to work from home actually reduces business costs. After all, they’re using their own resources (technology, electricity, Internet bandwidth, etc.) to do their work. This, of course, is in addition to the fact that cloud computing leverages resources of the provider rather than your business. Additionally, web-based resources are updated automatically to take advantage of the latest technologies, features and security measures. These upgrades are already planned and rolled out for you, so there’s no lengthy process of researching, planning executing and testing these processes in-house. As such, employees can better focus on their tasks as they directly relate to your business goals.

Employees also need collaboration to work seamlessly even when they are not able to work together in the same location. Few things are worse for an employee than lacking access to the input of a manager or colleague, whether it’s in a document or simply needed information. If they are not able to collaborate efficiently while working with clients, this keeps both the employee and client waiting.

So, how can Zinon Cloud help? We have worked in the cloud computing industry for over 17 years; long before the term was even coined. We have seen first-hand how an organisation’s workforce realizes higher levels of productivity and overall morale after benefiting from the enhanced collaboration and flexibility of cloud solutions. Even better, we take the time to understand your organization, its culture and employee processes before customizing a solution just for you. If you’re still not sure, contact us for a free demo!