Choosing between Cloud Computing companies

Choosing between Cloud Computing companies

Choosing Between Cloud Computing Companies

As the web becomes more prolific, organisation’s of all sizes find greater difficulty in choosing between cloud computing companies. There are so many different options, implementations, package and price ranges to choose from. To make matters worse, the industry uses terminology that most outside of it don’t really understand. So how exactly does a business go about choosing between cloud computing companies?

Ultimately, a cloud computing company shouldn’t expect you to learn its way; rather, they should learn yours. Cloud providers already know what their industry jargon means and how the technologies work. Their real job is learning about your business, from its culture to daily routines, and then customize a solution. Most importantly, integration must be seamless; the provider takes care of all the work and its complication, allowing you to hit the ground running with only some minor configurations at most.

Also, it is the job of cloud computing companies to help their clients understand the technology. This doesn’t necessarily mean teaching them the technical jargon or coding processes behind the scenes. Rather, clients should be taught how cloud technologies are integrated with their existing infrastructure. They should know, specifically, which aspects of their businesses can be streamlined by cloud processes and what changes that will mean.

Once the solutions are integrated, it is then the provider’s responsibility to teach both the organisation and its employees how to use the new technologies. Managers will need to understand how to control and monitor user access. And employees at all levels will need to understand how to login, access files or information and collaborate. They will also need to see which specific areas of their daily tasks are impacted by the new implementation.

So how does Zinon Cloud IT managed services measure up? The services mentioned here are hardly the beginning for us. To help you determine whether cloud computing is even right for your business, we offer free trials and demos. We’ll work with you face-to-face to determine the most pertinent needs of your business. We’re also available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Ultimately, the true job of cloud computing companies is to focus on the user experience. We must determine exactly what technologies would best benefit their client, explain how it will work and how it’s integrated, and teach clients how to use it. And that’s exactly what Zinon Cloud does. We’re with you every step of the way. We’ll tell not only what we’re doing but specifically why. Each solution that we implement will be tied back to a specific enhancement for your business; otherwise, there’s no point implementing it. We’ll also provide state-of-the-art security and even customize our encryption techniques for your specific industry as required by law.

Can you see the benefit of choosing between Cloud Computing companies? Zinon Cloud proudly provides the most proficient and effective cloud services and technical support in Leinster. If you would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.