Could Cloud Back Up Save your Business?

The benefits of cloud computing have become prolific over the past 10 years. But even as we begin to recognize as convenient, is the cloud becoming a necessity? Industry experts seem to think so. From Forbes to Entrepreneur magazine, the top minds in business are increasingly detailing the critical importance of cloud services, especially as they relate to backing up data.

Big data – we hear so much about it and its usefulness to organisation’s of all size. But really, it just refers to the data you store for your business processes and your clients. It’s vital to modern organizations, but imagine if it was lost. What would happen to your business if all of its client, and financial (including tax) information was lost in an instant? While the digital assets of an organisation will vary across industries, it goes without saying that it would, in the very least, result in significant financial losses. However, in most cases, such an occurrence could put a company out of business.

So just how is data lost? There are many ways, but we’ll just briefly detail a few. As we know, computers and servers are subject to thunderstorms, but it doesn’t just take a direct lightning strike or even sudden loss of power to crash computer and server hard drives. Even if your resources are protected by power strips or UPS units, there’s no guarantee that your community’s powerlines (or other infrastructure) will remain unaffected by storm damage.

Additionally, data access and storage is impacted by computer updates. All computers and IT infrastructures require ongoing updates to maintain relevance and security. However, the time spent upgrading software typically limits access to data and files. Further, if any portion of the update is implemented improperly (whether by computer glitch or human error), data loss is almost a certainty.

However, complete loss isn’t the only concern facing data. Malicious users may also hack into your IT infrastructure to steal data. This provides access to sensitive client information that can be sold on the digital black market. This then puts your clients or business partners able to sue your organisation. Additionally, you might be subject to fines and legal penalties for improperly storing sensitive information.

Needless to say, if you believe that a malicious user is attempting to hack your local network, it’s best to shut it down. And with a cloud-based data backup service, you can still access important business files until receiving the all-clear. Even better, cloud back up services maintain expansive state-of-the-art security protocols that include both software and hardware assets. In fact, most cloud service providers (including Zinon) have entire teams or departments devoted solely to data security.

Additionally, we also backup our client’s data to geologically disperse data centers. Most small and mid-sized businesses lack the resources to do this, which is why they trust us with their most crucial data. With Zinon Cloud, your data (along with your organisation’s ability to access that data) is protected from even the most intimidating threats.

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