6 ways to improve your technology’s integrity while reducing endless technical glitches

Seamless integration and functionality are vital components of a successful IT implementation. In our day to day operations, we encounter enough problems that hinder us and slow us down; endless technical glitches shouldn’t be among them. We rely on technology to run smoothly so that our business runs smoothly. But what happens when our infrastructure becomes prone to endless technical glitches? Business is halted and you’re taken away from the task at hand as you scramble for a solution. Here’s a list of the six most common IT problems that can be prevented by choosing a trusted IT service provider.

Lack of Proper Planning

Right from the start, many companies fail to properly plan their IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as connecting a few desktops to the network and making them discoverable to each other. This simplistic approach often spells disaster, even for smaller firms. Of course, spending money on the equipment necessary to properly hold and route information, while also ensuring proper security and backup, can be expensive.
As an alternative, businesses can choose to utilize cloud services instead. Cloud solutions maintain data and IT integrity without the need for expensive equipment. It’s all handled by a professional firm whose sole purpose is to plan and manage cloud solutions the right way.

Inadequate Monitoring and Maintenance

One day, your computers, servers and network are running smoothly. The next, the entire system seems to have died. You can’t find anything from your network drives or do more than send emails to your local coworkers. Now, business must be halted until a solution can be found. And if you’re not sure what went wrong in the first place, this could take hours at best.

By utilizing the services of a dedicated provider, your IT infrastructure will be continuously monitored for any interruptions or issues. This is done by meticulously studying your current implementation and customizing an IT solution to meet its needs. And since it’s all done over the cloud, there’s rarely a need to take up more office space with new equipment.

Security Breaches

Security is a never-ending concern with IT implementations. Hackers can do more than just slow your network; they can steal data, destroy hard drives and shut down servers. The real problem here is that security threats are ever present and always advancing. It’s no longer enough to implement stringent security measures; they must be enhanced and updated regularly. But what if you’re too busy running and managing your business to focus on every single security risk as it becomes prevalent?

That’s where a trusted IT service provider come in. Your business focus is on the products or services you provide; our business’s focus is on cloud solutions . We stay abreast of the digital world, including the latest security threats. We then use our expert knowledge and experience to enhance our own security measures while providing a safer connection between you and your data.

Drive Failures and Data Loss

It’s true; hard drives, both local and network, fail. Even worse, they can fail without warning. And if that hard drive contained important data, your employees will once again find themselves detracted from work as they attempt to recover the data or, even worse, start from scratch. Imagine your entire team expending resources on something that’s already been done.

With cloud solutions, catastrophic glitches and failures will hardly phase your daily operations. That’s because IT service providers continuously back up information in real time. Even if a failure results in data loss, you can easily find it safe and sound in the cloud.

Network Connection Becomes Sporadic

Computer networks aren’t perfect, leaving them prone to a variety of glitches and issues. And that’s just the professionally planned ones. Networks connected by a subpar firm or a university student “claiming” to know what he was doing could be prone to consistent interruptions and even security vulnerabilities.

We’ve already established the monitoring that cloud solutions provide. But how can they help if the computers won’t even connect? If your service provider implements a robust monitoring solution, they will be able to provide you with detailed information about the problem to help guide tech support. They can also maintain access to crucial files and data via mobile devices. Simply download the file you need to your phone, then transfer it to the computer until your network is online.

Computers Running too Slow

Over time, many computers experience reduced performance. Is this simply because they’re getting older? Not usually. Rather, the user may have downloaded too many programs, filled their cache or even contracted malware. Sadly, these problems often run in the background, keeping the user oblivious.

Cloud monitoring solutions can be used to monitor computer performance and identify potential issues. Tech support can then log into the computer, identify the specific issues right away, and fix them much more quickly. Even better, cloud monitoring can help detect potential performance issues as they begin to arise.

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