6 most common IT problems that can be prevented easily

Computers errors come in many forms.  However, they all mean the same thing for businesses; loss of productivity, collaboration and possibly even data.   Unfortunately, there are so many sources of computer data, and they can cause so many different issues, that it can be very difficult to find the exact cause.  After all, maybe it’s a simple glitch, or the start of a significant failure.  So how can cloud solutions help?

The Start of all Computer Errors

A simple computer popup message can invoke rage and kill our spirits.  Why?  Because it means something has gone wrong while we’re simply trying to complete our work.  They’re annoying, counterproductive and seem to get worse with time.

Cloud Computing’s Solution to Computer Errors

But what if you could migrate your data, documents and programs to a single robust platform specifically designed to avoid errors.  Remember, the most common operating systems are designed as one size fits all solutions.  Glitches are bound to occur, and productivity-killing downtimes are inevitable.  However, we’re talking about a self-sufficient platform that can be customised for your business needs.  Such are the offerings of cloud solutions.

By choosing a managed provider for your services, all the necessary file and software suites can be stored in a single location, available for access to all.  IT solutions providers constantly monitor and manage their platform for potential issues and enhancements.  Even better, you will receive significant notice of any planned downtimes or upgrades, allowing you to plan accordingly well in advance.  Of course, most cloud service providers also have backup data centers, so even that may not be much of an issue.

Additional Considerations: Indirect Computer Problems

Computer problems aren’t always direct.  For example, everything may be running fine, but that doesn’t mean that a traveling employee will be able to retrieve crucial documents from their machine.  In our increasingly fast paced world, employees need access to their files even while away from the office.  Even more importantly, geographically-disperse employees often need to collaborate with each other on a single file.

The cloud’s solution to this problem is a simple one (at least, on the surface).  IT solutions providers offer easy, intuitive interfaces that can be accessed by clients from computers or even mobile devices.  They can communicate via instant messaging, share documents, and upload files for review, all while on the go.  Even better, your business won’t have to plan and integrate these services itself; they will be managed for you with a simple periodic fee.

To see how your business and use and interact with a robust cloud platform, Zinon Cloud is offering a free demo for potential customers.  In it, you can see, first-hand, how a cloud-based implementation can be structured around the specific data and process of your business.  We can also review various plans and implementations with you as we’re seeing them work in real time.  Simply give us a call to schedule your onsite demo today!

Having the right company manage your IT means that these issues are taken care of and prevented so that you don’t have to worry about them causing problems for your business. At Zinon Cloud, we take a different approach to IT by taking care of these problems through preventive measures instead of reacting to problems as they occur.
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