Increased Computer Speeds for Better Efficiency

Modern businesses thrive on efficiency.  Even now, the adage still applies: great businesses run like a well-oiled machine.  But with all the convenience and streamlining that has been made possible by technology, consistency is still a vital component to a successful implementation.

If glitches continuously slow your computer and network, productivity is, at best, hindered.  In the worst-case scenario, your business operations are halted until a solution or workaround can be implemented.  Either way, your business will fail to achieve its true potential.  It will defeat the very purpose of implementing digital solutions; increased efficiency.  While the occasional glitch is inevitable, significant performance reductions aren’t just “normal”; they are a sign that something is wrong.

Fortunately, the solution isn’t always as complicated as you may think.  In fact, Zinon Cloud can help keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly while also saving you money!  We take a proactive approach.  Rather than waiting to fix problems as they occur, we get ahead of the situation by preventing them in the first place.  How do we do this? By monitoring your existing network and even its nodes (individual machines).

Our cloud-based monitoring

Zinon offers a robust, web-based service that can monitor the performance of your entire network remotely.  We’re not just talking about connection speed; we can see how well each computer is performing and even identify potential performance or maintenance issues.  Computers tend to get slower over time, but it’s usually due to user error more so than the computer’s age.

For example, how often is your machine defragmented?  How frequently do you clean its hard drive of unnecessary files?  What about clearing cache?  These are just a few of the myriad performance issues we monitor.

Faster Speed with a Virtual Platform

Then again, imagine if you could keep the use of each computer itself down to the bare minimum?  As in, rather than using it to install necessary programs and save important files, you just use it for one thing: to connect with our platform.

Zinon Cloud utilises the fastest machines and connection speeds for its data centers.  We also consistently monitor the performance of our infrastructure and look for new innovative ways to improve it.  As such, we offer a fast-digital application specifically optimised for your Internet connection.  Imagine migrating the files and services of your local resources to that of Zinon Cloud’s powerful digital platform.

Reduced workload on your computer means improving its performance and longevity.  And by streamlining each user’s connection, you can also help reduce bandwidth (though this can vary with different implementations).

In addition to the digital services listed here, we also offer a personal touch with our technical support.  If anything goes wrong at any time, you’ll relate to a professional technician within minutes, night or day, week or weekend.  We’re always available to assist you both online and over the phone.  So, give us a call and learn how we can help improve the performance of your computers and your business.

Having the right company manage your IT means that these issues are taken care of and prevented so that you don’t have to worry about them causing problems for your business. At Zinon Cloud, we take a different approach to IT by taking care of these problems through preventive measures instead of reacting to problems as they occur.
To find out if Zinon Cloud is the best fit to handle your company’s IT needs, give us a call on +353 45 409 140