Making Critical Data Loss a Thing of the Past

Even now, companies and organisations of all sizes still suffer significant setbacks when critical data loss occurs.  It is a strange occurrence, give that cloud solutions to protect and back up critical data have existed for years. This really should be an antiquated problem, but one that persists all the same.  Here are some problems that still cause critical data loss and a few reasons why they should be a thing of the past.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failures are inevitable.  At some point, every hard drive will crash and lose its ability to provide access to data.  But it’s not just hard drives: a computer is full of parts that wear down, overheat and just stop working without warning.  If you have an in-house IT team, it will take time that could be spent running your business to put the pieces together.  If not, you’ll have to pay a professional to do it for you.

Cloud solutions make hardware failures a thing of the past.  You’re not relying upon one or even a few local machines to store your critical data; rather, it is stored in a powerful data center and backed up in additional data centers.

Software Glitches

But it’s not just hardware failures or unauthorised access that causes data loss.  Software glitches can also corrupt data.  Corrupt data can be very expensive to recover, it’s a time consuming process and there’s no guarantee that it will actually work. While we expect the programs and applications we use to work seamlessly with our data, there are both hardware and software processes that can interrupt a program’s functionality.  After all, most programs these days are designed as a “one-size-fits-all solution”.

On the other hand, our data management software has been carefully optimised for the specific infrastructure that we custom designed and built.  Its sole purpose is to provide robust data backup services for our clients.  We then further customise the settings and servers to meet the specific needs of our client, rather than give them a solution.  To extend data reliability and even further, we utilise our own backup systems across different data centers.

Legal Troubles

Even worse, data loss can lead to legal troubles.  How so?  According to Section 4 of the Data Protection Act, a data controller (aka, a company that holds client information) must provide clients with their records upon request.  However, if a hard drive failure, server glitch or improperly implemented system update results in the loss of that data, it will be impossible to comply with this request.  Depending upon your industry, the information requested could be at varying levels of importance.  Regardless of the urgency, though, it still opens the door for legal fees and lawsuits.

As we’ve demonstrated here, the cost of cloud solutions shouldn’t be a deterrent.  Often, Zinon Cloud’s clients save money after choosing us!  We remove some of the ongoing burden and provide an easy, seamless method of recovery when something does go wrong.  We also offer outstanding technical support for our customers and customise a solution just for them.  To learn how Zinon Cloud can help protect your critical data, give us a call today!

Having the right company manage your IT means that these issues are taken care of and prevented so that you don’t have to worry about them causing problems for your business. At Zinon Cloud, we take a different approach to IT by taking care of these problems through preventive measures instead of reacting to problems as they occur.

To find out if Zinon Cloud is the best fit to handle your company’s IT needs, give us a call on +353 45 409 140