Best Irish IT managed services

Best Irish IT managed servicesYes, it’s true: Ireland is falling behind in cloud computing.   However, organisations like Zinon Cloud are helping to change this by providing state-of-the-art cloud solutions and managed IT services.  These provide a variety of benefits to Irish businesses, help maintain legal compliance, lift much of the burden off the client and, in most cases, saves money.  So, Irish companies no longer have an excuse to remain behind the curb.  Here, we’ll explore how web-based IT services can help Irish companies take advantage of the modern digital landscape.

Decreased Onsite IT Infrastructure

Fancy business networks aren’t cheap.  Even a small business’s requirements can cost a fortune in computers, cables, switches, servers, programs, licenses and professionals to take care of it all.  But what if it was just as simple as logging in with any web-enabled device over any Internet connection?  That’s the benefit of using the cloud’s managed IT services.  Your files, user accounts and even programs are all stored in a powerful (and secure) data center.  The entire platform can be accessed and worked with from a computer, smartphone or tablet if it’s connected.

Better Collaboration

Utilizing the cloud means access to the same platform across your organisation.  Employees can access and collaborate on files in real time. They can also communicate via email and instant message to hash out details for important projects.

Technical Support

Zinon Cloud builds and configures a custom digital environment that is optimised for the client at hand.  This means you’ll have a team of the industry’s top technicians personally customizing a cloud solution for your business and its unique needs.  Even better, you’ll have access to our skilled support staff 24 hours per day, 7 days each week.

Data Backup and Management

The importance of data backup cannot be overstated; in fact, some would say that it was the reason that cloud services came into existence.  Even now, it’s one of the most utilised functions of the cloud.  And for good reason; businesses in all industries rely on their files and data to function.  By backing up that data to the cloud your organisation’s most important files will never be lost due to a problem with your onsite technologies.

In addition to backing up your data, managed IT service providers can also manage it.  This is important if, for example, you have multiple employees working on the same document.  You can also control who has access to the online platform and even how much access each user has.

A Name you can Trust

Zinon Cloud has been providing managed IT solutions since 2000.  We have grown with the industry and implement its most state-of-the-art solutions.  We have also developed a stellar reputation among our client base, which includes big names who have been with us for years.  For potential clients who still aren’t sure about choosing our managed IT services, we offer a free demo detailing what they can expect and how it will benefit their daily operations.

Having the right company manage your IT means that these issues are taken care of and prevented so that you don’t have to worry about them causing problems for your business. At Zinon Cloud, we take a different approach to IT by taking care of these problems through preventive measures instead of reacting to problems as they occur.

To find out if Zinon Cloud is the best fit to handle your company’s IT needs, give us a call on +353 45 409 140