Cut IT Costs with a Hosted Desktop

Imagine a service that allows you to streamline your business’s entire technological infrastructure for better security, increased reliability and expanded accessibility.  Even better, imagine that utilizing this service cuts costs for your business and, even better, the savings begin almost immediately.  It’s not too good to be true; it’s the benefit of modern cloud computing, and businesses across the world are experiencing it every day.  Yes, cloud computing was, for the most part, originally developed to help facilitate data backup.  However, modern advancements allow it to do so much more.  Here are a few ways that cloud solutions help cut costs.

Managed IT Services

There was a time when businesses needed expensive shared drives, complicated networks and a full team of highly-paid professionals to properly utilise their digital assets.  It was incredibly expensive.  Yet as technology becomes more efficient, so does its implementation.  Which brings us to cloud-based managed IT services.

We also streamline some of the most complicated, costly aspects of your IT department streamlined by a single virtual platform.  That’s how Zinon Cloud’s managed IT services work.  The programs you use and files you work with are stored on a server carefully managed by us.    With it you’ll no longer need special in-house infrastructure; only computers set up just as easily as a home PC and an Internet connection.  From there, users simply log in to the service provider’s platform to access programs, files and collaboration features.  That’s right: the software

Since your business’s, IT services are stored on the cloud, employees can use them on the go.  Cloud services are available from any web enabled device anywhere in the world.  How does this streamline efficiency?  Imagine one of your employees meeting a client offsite.  They arrive at their office, only to realise that the reports and presentations they wanted to show were left on the employee’s computer.  The best-case scenario is for the employee to call back, hope someone answers, give them the login information (a security risk), guide them to the file, and have them email it.  Even the best-case scenario is time-consuming and leaves an unprofessional impression.

With Zinon’s cloud services, each of these files and the programs used to work with them can be accessed just as easily as checking an email.  The employee simply logs in, opens the file and begins the presentation.  They can also do it from a computer, phone, tablet or any other web-enabled device.

User Accounts

Managing user accounts is an important aspect of internal network security.  Some employees require access to more files and programs than others.  You don’t want employees accessing unauthorised data or programs for which they don’t have a license.  With cloud-based solutions, the management of user accounts is streamlined and simplified.  Administrators won’t need specialised technical skills to manage and even monitor their employees.  Zinon’s intuitive interface makes it just as easy as using any other computer program.

Managed IT services means, among other things, using the resources of a provider to cut costs on your internal IT services.  To find out which services will benefit your business and how much you could potentially save on your IT needs, contact us for a free demo!