How Cloud Computing Can Boost Efficiency in your business

For many years, cloud computing has been the premiere platform to back up data.  But did you know that modern platforms also allow businesses to boost efficiency with cloud computing?  We’re talking about features that span across a company’s operations and its workforce.  Here are a few ways that cloud computing can help boost efficiency.

Shared Files

From marketing to accounting, employees in different departments of your business often require access to the same file or files.  However, it can be difficult to try passing the same file from one employee to another as it’s needed by each.  Add the requirement to reference the latest version of that file for other files or projects, and you’ve got the potential for a real mess.

However, cloud computing allows companies to store essential files in a single location.  Rather than attempting to find out which coworker has the latest version of a document, simply access the original right from the virtual drive.

Virtual Desktops

For many years, a benefit of web-based services was the ability to access your desktop from any other computer in the world.  Now, that functionality has evolved to access a virtual desktop from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world.  On the surface, virtual desktop interfaces often appear almost identical to conventional ones (though this can vary among different implementations).  But underneath, they are store on infrastructure that is built and maintained by a professional service provider rather than an expensive, in-house IT team.

Virtual desktops also offer access to the same programs used on physical machines.  Imagine, giving your employees the flexibility to update documents on the go or even from home.  Even better, they can do it without the need for expanded costly licensing.  So even if local desktops or hard drives crash, the loss is minimal since all data and programs are store online.

Version Control

But if multiple employees are accessing the same file, doesn’t that present a problem?  How do they keep up with changes in real-time or prevent overwriting a colleague’s changes?  The answer rests with another cloud efficiency booster: version control.  Version control captures various changes as they are made and allows users to review a history of these changes.  You can also compare different versions of the document, combine certain elements (depending on the document type) and even mark one as the final version.

Boosted Morale

With high morale comes increased efficiency.  And more options tend to yield improved morale.  As we’ve seen, cloud computing offers a variety of options for users to access, work with and present the data stored in the cloud.  Cloud services also facilitate better communication and collaboration between employees.

Once an industry focused solely on data backup, the new era of cloud computing now offers a variety of tools with one simple goal: boosting efficiency.  Regardless of the industry, it really doesn’t make sense for businesses to no implement cloud solutions.  It simply doesn’t make financial sense.  But if you’re still unsure of migrating, have pertinent questions or want to see first-hand how a cloud solution can benefit you, contact us today!

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