Working Remotely with ease

As remote working becomes more prevalent, the results are in regarding its efficacy; and they are good.  Indeed, both employees and employers find significant benefits of adopting the ability to work remotely with a hosted desktop rather than remaining tied down to a physical workstation.  Even better, remote options have become easier to implement and can be better customised for the organisations utilizing them.  Here are some of the benefits of working remotely with cloud solutions.

Remote Access of Tools and Files

Network downtime and computer crashes are all it takes to prevent access to crucial documents important to your business’s operations.  However, cloud implementations allow employees to continue accessing critical files if the local infrastructure fails.  In fact, remote data can still be accessed from a hosted desktop via any mobile connection even if the local network fails.

Users working remotely can also access important files and documents from their home, client’s office or even on the go.  It just takes an Internet connection, offering remote employees the freedom to connect with whatever device they have available.  Never again will an employee have to scramble to reach the office because they forgot to copy a crucial file before leaving.

Programs and applications can also now be shared over cloud platforms.  Yes, many software vendors offer remote access as part of a package deal, but those programs can be integrated within your cloud-based platform.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as connecting your software account with the virtual environment that’s been configured for you.  Other times, the programs are installed directly on the server.

Collaborative Communication

Employees can easily reach each other by email.  In fact, email implementations can now be set up on a virtual platform to work just as if it had been installed on the local intranet.  This may not seem very different on the surface, but it signifies a significant change on the backend.  System administrators can now control email settings using an intuitive interface.  This includes such options as maximum message sizes, who may speak with whom, controlling email between departments and tracking conversations.

Instant Messaging

Cloud platform also offers dedicated instant messaging.  This allows employees to communicate and share files with each other in real time using the same platform they work in.  As such, they can share files directly in the message and communicate changes when a voice conversation may not be viable.  This is a phenomenal tool for employees working remotely.

Video Conferencing

Some cloud implementations even allow video conferencing.  This a great way to introduce clients with your team remotely.  Video conferencing features can be integrated with the existing platform, offering users the same file-sharing capabilities as instant messaging.

Zinon Cloud is Ireland’s premiere cloud services provider.  We fully configure and customise our implementations to meet the specific needs of each client.  We can also teach employees to get the most from their hosted desktop, though the interface is quite easy to learn and very like what they’re already using.  Working remotely has never been easier, and we can show you how easy it truly is to implement.  To learn more, contact us today!

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