Cloud Computing allows you Scale your business easily

Small businesses tend to outsource their IT infrastructure to the cloud due to the low cost of virtual platforms.  But what happens when that business begins to grow?  Are cloud implementations scalable enough to support even rapid business expansion?  The answer is yes!  Robust cloud vendors now offer scalable platforms that grow with the business and meet it at its level.

More Revenue, Less Expenses

Not only are cloud platforms completely scalable even during rapid growth, but they help businesses save money during expansion.  In-house solutions require customizable solutions that take time to implement.  For example, a clerical employee who primarily works with Microsoft Office won’t need the same local resources as a web designer utilizing Adobe’s premium design programs.  So, the requirements for each user must be planned, customised and tested.

Further, some employees require access to drives, documents and other pertinent resources that other employees shouldn’t have access to. This is an important aspect of security, but customizing user access on the local machine, network and even shared drives is a tedious process.

However, by outsourcing IT services to the cloud, much of this can be automated.  A simple interface allows administrators to set various options either on or off.  In fact, most platforms even allow organisational to create varying templates for employees and leaders at different levels.  That way, new roles can be assigned easily as the workforce grows, thus making it more scalable for human resources.  They can also monitor their employees’ use of cloud resources.

Scalable Accessibility

Scalability also means extending functionality to all web-enabled devices.  Perhaps at a small business only needs to access cloud resources from their desktops.  As that business grows, they will likely begin implementing other devices, such as tablets and smartphones.  And as new devices enter the market, scalable cloud platforms will also expand to provide functionality with those (as applicable).

Reduced Hardware Costs

One benefit to a scalable cloud implementation is the savings on computer and networking hardware.  This has been a problem that organisations have had to grapple with for years.  Traditionally, newer programs include new features that require more hardware resources.  As a result, businesses must either upgrade their existing computers or buy new ones.  With a scalable cloud solution, this is all taken care of on the provider’s end.  Organizations only need computers that are powerful enough to access the web and perform a few basic functions.  Also, storing files and programs on the cloud means smaller hard drives.  Obviously, computers with less power cost less money.  Even better, you won’t have to upgrade them every time new software packages are released.

At Zinon Cloud, we are committed to providing cloud solutions that meet your business where it’s already at.  We can scale our services up or back depending upon your needs and preferences.  We can also provide training to show you how to get the most from your cloud implementation.  To get a free quote and demo, give us a call today!

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