Hosted Desktop: A Sustainable Business Solution


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Zinon IT Solutions have participated in an environmental drive organized by the Kildare Chamber of Commerce and Global Action Plan Ireland to help combat climate change. The campaign allows participants to make conscious choices in daily tasks and activities to help offset their carbon footprint, creating and promoting environmental awareness amongst Zinon IT Employees and other business participants. The ecological campaign drive proves that carbon emission reduction can be monumental if the community comes together and reassess daily activities to help alleviate carbon footprint and provide the planet with a fighting chance.

Zinon IT Solution’s Hosted Desktop integrates sustainability and innovation. By incorporating Virtual Desktop in your daily business operation, you create an environmentally impactful shift in your organization. Zinon IT Solution’s Hosted Desktop fundamentally transforms business operations to help the business community while remaining true to our commitment to protecting the environment.

Hosted Desktop

What is a Hosted Desktop, and how does it promote a green business? The Hosted Desktop is a secure web-based solution for hosting your business’ software and business files in our Irish based data centre. Our Hosted Desktop is a user interface that connects all your devices on a Cloud Server rather than a static network server. Through a hosted desktop, you can access your applications on any device, anywhere, at any time. A virtual desktop is similar to your physical desktop with all the functionalities and operating systems – meaning it is straightforward to use. The only difference from conventional desktop? Zinon IT Solutions hosts business data and information in a secure data centre in Ireland, eliminating unnecessary hardware storage.

How does it help the planet, you ask? A hosted desktop allows for work flexibility – employees can work from home or anywhere they choose, eliminating the need to drive to the office, essentially cutting road carbon emissions while allowing a better work-life balance. Moreover, incorporating a hosted desktop enables the business to remove unnecessary IT-related hardware in the office, allowing for extra space, reducing IT maintenance costs, improving data security, and reducing power usage. A chain of sustainable impact happens when there is an increased demand for hosted desktop and software products. A boosted market in hosted desktop limits the need for hardware production, decreasing energy requirement, which lowers pressure on the use of natural resources.

While it can be daunting to embrace something new, the idea of a remote desktop is not entirely foreign. You are already using cloud hosting solutions to store your extra photos – think of Dropbox or iCloud, where you can access your files anywhere and anytime, even from a different device -the concept of Desktop Hosting is somewhat similar.

At Zinon IT Solutions, we have a great resolve to continue adopting sustainable ways while providing IT business solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Hence, our data hosting facility is also ISO compliant, as part of our commitment to remain a strong arm in climate change combat. There is a dire need for us to start making conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint. It is paramount that we become proactive ambassadors in searching for ways to limit our environmental effects. That decision may start from migrating to a hosted desktop solution. Zinon It Solutions provide a thorough IT consultation and assessment to help you make the best IT measures to supplement your business and help the planet.