How Cloud Solutions Protect Your Business Against Security Breaches?


In our increasingly digital world, it is simply not enough to implement a robust technical infrastructure. Even if your equipment is running correctly, malicious users pose a significant threat. While hackers and cybercriminals have traditionally been viewed as people with specialised knowledge and skills in technology, that notion has changed.


Cyber security breach no longer requires technical skills in information and technology. A simple Google search can yield more than enough information for a researcher to become a digital threat. Free hacking tools also continue to grow in prominence and complexity.


So, what can you do to protect your data? Here are a few ways that cloud solutions can help solve the problem and even save you a little money along the way.



No longer is your typical hacker a guy with thick-rimmed glasses sitting in front of several computer monitors with all sorts of fancy machinery by his side. These days, it’s simply a computer user who wants to steal information for many reasons and happened to enter the correct Google search query. They are not always computer experts; they have found a way to break in. While cybercriminals are certainly more dangerous, an average person who steals valuable business information is catastrophic when no robust security measures exist.



In addition to hackers, former employees also pose a threat to data security. The situation is especially concerning if one was terminated on less-than-ideal terms. If you don’t take the proper precautions, they can cause significant damage to your data’s integrity, company’s profitability and even reputation.


Fortunately, integrated cloud solutions allow you to control data access among employees. Only provide as much access as a user needs to do their job. You can revoke full access before letting them go to prevent any backlash. You can also monitor each employee’s use of cloud data, allowing you to get ahead of any potential problems before they arise.



In recent years, we’ve heard about cyber-attacks against significant retailers that have comprised the records of millions of people. However, they’ve become even more prolific. Also referred to as DDoS attacks, these massive data breaches can now target multiple companies simultaneously. These are becoming a significant concern as they can be complicated to detect without the proper equipment and expertise.


Fortunately, Zinon IT Solutions has both the expertise and the technology to back it. We constantly monitor our systems for any unusual activity and can shut down access to one data server while seamlessly (and automatically) switching our clients to a backup. We also monitor across industries and the country for any possible upticks in DDoS attacks.


Given the ease and affordability of implementing cloud-based security measures, there’s no reason not to. A data breach can cripple a company and, depending upon the situation, even lead to legal action. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Zinon IT Solutions offers robust security measures at prices fit for any budget. We also stay abreast of the latest security threats and take appropriate actions to protect our clients. To learn how to customise a data security strategy for your business, give us a call to schedule a free demo!


Having the right company manage your IT means that these issues are taken care of and prevented so that you don’t have to worry about them causing problems for your business. At Zinon IT Solutions, we take a different approach to IT by taking care of these problems through preventive measures instead of reacting to issues as they occur.


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