Small and Medium Enterprise and Cloud Computing

Why do small and medium enterprises need cloud computing?

News about cyber security breaches and ransomware attacks against large firms and global corporations inundates our screens. Undoubtedly the most familiar cyber-attack/ransomware incident in Ireland was the HSE. The attack was vicious. It disrupted the health services and computer systems. The HSE cyber breach incident is possibly the most significant cyber breach in the country.

But the hacking didn’t stop with HSE. At the start of 2022, Thales Group aerospace, a French multinational company, had a cyber breach with a million dollars in ransom demand.

More recently, Councils across Northern Ireland are looking at ways to step up their online security following increased concerns over cyber threats due to a council email hacking incident.


Cyber Security Threat to Small and Medium Businesses

It is easy to think that as a small and medium enterprise, the likelihood of a cyber-attack on a SME is relatively low. SME owners might believe that the company do not have the financial capacity to provide for any forms of ransomware, therefore, alleviating any ransomware threat. However, a breach of the business’s primary information system can mean crippling consequences for the organisation. Imagine not being able to access pertinent information when you log in to your desktop on a Monday morning?

Governments, global players, and big corporations increase cybersecurity spending to thwart potential security breaches. The drastic move to invest in security measures leaves small and medium businesses an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals. It often takes an email and one employee for a successful breach into the company system.

Why move to the cloud when a cyber threat is imminent? It is akin to saying why get a car when you can walk? The cloud is the future of business. Business sustainability today relies on agility, flexibility, convenience, accessibility, and digitalisation—Cloud computing future-proofs your business.


Migrating to the cloud entails that you have layers upon layers of security protection to help safeguard your data. Accessing your work from remote locations leaves you vulnerable to a cyber breach. But accessing your work remotely through a cloud desktop lessens, if not eliminates, any worries of compromised access to information.


Cyber breach is the new threat in today’s business landscape. They say that sometimes the cheapest solution to ransomware is to pay a ransom to get your business up and running again. But why go there when ransomware is preventable. Zinon IT Solutions, through our virtual desktop infrastructure, can help enterprises to future proof and protect valuable information. Zinon IT Solutions’ 24/7 stringent cyber security measures entail a managed firewall, intrusion detection, daily vulnerability scanning and anti-virus services so you can operate your business securely and access information anywhere in the world.

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