How Cloud Storage Impacts Your Business?

Before migrating to Zinon IT Solutions cloud management, most of our clients were already utilising cloud infrastructure. Most commonly, they used cloud storage to store their business data and client information. 

So, what is cloud storage exactly? Instead of storing the data on your computer’s hard drive or other local storage devices, it allows the user to store data online. Saved files are retrieved from multiple devices at any time through an internet connection. Cloud storage is a system that will enable you to store data on the Internet as you would save on a computer. Dropbox, Google Drive, or public cloud services like Amazon’s – AWS, are excellent examples of data storage applications your business may already use.

Cloud data storage is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. While commercial cloud storage is a good solution due to low cost, agility and scale expectations, the transparency over data control remains vague. Suppose you are currently using commercial cloud storage; you must ensure that the cloud storage you are using meets specific requirements for varying data classifications, including data governance, security controls, the privacy of citizens, data residency, sovereign protections and compliant operations following legal regulations like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

If you are currently engaged with an existing IT management provider, it is best to ask questions about the physical location of your data. It is paramount that you know about your data’s sovereignty because Your data is gold. Not only is it critical to your operations, but you have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of your customers and users. You need to keep their details safe from unauthorised access and minimise the risk of data loss and corruption. 

As you consider where to store data—on-premises or in one or more public cloud providers—you need to consider where the data will be stored, what laws will apply to it, and whether keeping data in a particular location will be beneficial or harmful to your business.

Sadly, not all business owners prioritise data location concerns as they should. But if you are one of those establishments that value clients’ trust and business credibility, then awareness is the first crucial step. All individuals in an organisation must be aware of their roles and responsibilities. Potential fines do not only damage a company’s business but can also significantly damage its reputation and customer trust. 

Zinon IT Solutions

Zinon IT Solutions private data centre is in Dublin, Ireland. When you partner with us, you are guaranteed that the sovereignty of your data is on Irish soil and strictly meets General Data Protection Regulation. Not only is your data safe, but you also get to optimise operation through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – work securely, anywhere, anytime and utilise data storage in our data centre in Ireland. Take advantage of the free assessment and cloud migration today.