Effective Way to Prevent Cyber Security Breaches

Digital transformations in small and medium enterprises have accelerated at a speed of light over the last decades, from companies migrating to the cloud to simply creating a website, using software, utilising email marketing, and mobilising eCommerce. Even businesses adamant about digital change have a digital footprint in some way or another. Digitalisation is the way forward.

The Power of Technology

Undeniably, the integration of digital technologies has seen fundamental changes and improvement in work and business dynamics – we have seen better business flexibility, improved customer experience, efficient business operations and security. The pandemic, for example, was a testament to how technology provided agility to businesses, effectively managing the sudden work-from-home government mandate.

However, as a Managed IT provider, it is essential to address the elephant in the room –security breach. Just how secure is your business these days from a cyber breach? In this age of cyber technology, no one is entirely safe from digital breaches. We have seen government organisations and global giants operationally paralysed due to an external digital system encroachment. No organisation, big or small, is safe from cyber-attacks; that is the truth.

Cyber Breach is Preventable

However, it is not all bad news. The good news is all breaches are preventable. And prevention starts from within your organisation – your people. Did you know that breach investigations report showed that most data breaches are caused by human error? Whether a business is maintaining a local server or utilising a private or public cloud storage system, the human element remains a crucial role in data security. Cybercriminals prey on the easiest target for entry, and they always prey on people first.

How? Employees or even yourself can get caught up quickly in the manic of your day-to-day business operation. One minute your guard is up, and the next minute, you are in a hurry to get to that meeting to close a deal, or you are distracted to stop, read and discern the email you just received or the link you just clicked. Inherent human nature also is a big part of why criminals’ first point of entry are employees. There is that human element of trust, curiosity or fear.

Make Cyber Security a Priority

My advice, whether your business is in the cloud or not, always make SECURITY embedded into the DNA of your organisation. Cyber-security threats continue to evolve and reinvent themselves, making cyber-attacks a concern for anyone utilising technology. The truth remains that criminals will prey on people first. Make cyber security awareness part of your daily briefing.

There is a lot of cost in adding extra layers of security to your servers like managed firewall, intrusion detection and daily vulnerability scanning. However, there is ZERO cost in putting an effort into educating and discussing with your team the importance of cyber security. Make cyber security a shared responsibility. Build that trust and confidence with your team because an educated and knowledgeable organisation can help combat cyber security threats.