Follow these instructions whether you have an older VMware version installed or you do not have VMware installed

Firstly, click on this link to download VMware

The file should automatically download. To access the download click on the down arrow in the top right corner of your browser. The icon should look similar to this icon below.

Alternatively, the file should be in your Downloads folder.

Run the VMware download by double-clicking on the file.

If you see this message click the Yes button

Click Agree & Upgrade

The installation will begin and you will see the window below

When VMware is installed you will see the window below

Click on Restart Now to reboot your computer. After you log back into your computer double click on the VMware icon on your desktop

In VMware, click on the Add Server button

Type in and click on the Connect button

In the username, enter your domain\username

Enter your password and login

Your domain, username and password will be provided to you