Zinon IT Solutions For Accountants

Zinon IT Solutions for Accounts cuts costs, its cheaper in the long run. There is no more need for expensive computer equipment and servers to be installed in your office. Hardware costs cut, software costs cut, service costs cut, space costs cut, electricity, insurance, security all cut.

  • Its available anywhere, anytime and on all devices – information is available to those who need it most, when they need it. Access information in a secure manner with your client, at home, in a hotel, basically anywhere you need this information. This offers enormous time savings and increases productivity of all staff dramatically.
  • IT is managed by professional support teams within the Cloud Hosted company. No need for expensive IT experts ( lower costs again), or expensive service contracts. No need for complicated maintenance contracts or complicated IT management systems that take up your valuable time. Time that could be billed to clients.
  • Don’t you hate software updates, you stop everything while your IT guys are updating systems, one computer at a time. No more this can be managed centrally and seamlessly so you have minimum downtime.
  • Increased productivity. For Accountants invoicing, payroll, document scanning, account management and basic business functions can be managed centrally and shared across the network – an enormous time saving advantage and a definite…
  • Your customer service can be enhanced considerable by having access to and providing timely information to clients on their business key performance indicators.

Software Zinon IT Solutions have Hosted on our system

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