Zinon IT Solutions for Construction Companies

The Construction sector is competitive and demanding. Zinon IT Solutions for Construction can make your company more professional, cost effective and more efficient. Zinon IT Solutions offers the following benefits to Construction Companies throughout Ireland.

Remote access

Your staff can access, and share information anytime, anywhere and from any device. No need to be in the office to save a file or image, to access plans or the most current version of documents and files can be shared at the touch of a button from any location. This is the greatest contributor to productivity we have seen with our clients in the construction sector.

Cuts costs

No more servers, or expensive IT spend. No more expensive maintenance contracts and capital expenditure.

Reduced Downtime

Our clients no longer experience downtime for software updates or dealing with unwanted attacks.

Version Control

It is vitally important that everyone has the latest version of every file, document, plan, specification and drawing.

Disaster recovery

What would happen if you lost everything? Can you wait while the IT guy drives to your location to troubleshoot the problem? With Zinon IT Solutions system restoration and recovery can be carried out in minutes.


Zinon IT Solutions allows you to grow with your team, as you add projects and different teams develop across multiple sites and levels of collaboration.


Zinon IT Solutions allows you to collaborate with your teams at different levels as well as different locations.


Zinon IT Solutions  brings an added security focus because of the distributed nature of the cloud computing infrastructure and the shared responsibilities that it involves.

Enhance your Project Management

By cutting costs, reducing workloads, increasing productivity and flexibility your team can deliver better, faster and more efficient projects.

Construction software already hosted by Zinon IT Solutions

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