Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your business if you lost your data?

Disaster Recovery, including Managed back ups is essential for any type of  business. Losing your data could be fatal for your business. Zinon IT Solutions cloud computing solution provides a comprehensive enterprise level disaster recovery plan. All data is automatically backed up off site , to our secure Irish based data centres.

Benefits for you

There are a number of benefits that make cloud disaster recovery appealing. The flexibility offered by Zinon IT Solutions allows you to implement robust disaster recovery plans that would otherwise have been impossible, and cost prohibitive.

Zinon IT Solutions provide a pay-per-use model, based on capacity or number of users. A very cost effective model.  Because Zinon IT Solutions is responsible for maintaining our storage infrastructure, you don’t need to purchase additional hardware, network resources, data centre space or the IT personnel required to support them.

Have you considered the risk to your business of data loss? The possible loss of business. Effective cloud disaster recovery provides continuity for services.

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