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Zinon IT Solutions recognise the business challenges our customers have.

Zinon’s cloud computing solution allows companies of all sizes to scale up their computing infrastructure as much as they need on a “pay as you use” basis. This allows companies of all sizes access to the best IT services available.

Zinon’s cloud computing solution is a fully managed Virtual Hosting solution which allows the end user to access their virtual desktop from anywhere in the world provided they have internet access. This can be done by laptop, PC, Smartphone or Tablet (iPad). On their virtual desktop they will have access to all of their programs and files including the MS Office Suite, Sage, and TAS etc. This service offers a managed, extremely secure, hosted desktop solution, and with 24/7 guaranteed access from anywhere.

The company still keeps full control and ownership of its data. But instead of building an in-house IT infrastructure to host databases or software, Zinon IT Solutions hosts your data in the only ISO 20000 Data Centers in Ireland. Instant support is available and enterprise level security is provided which offers guaranteed disaster recovery, all at a definitive cost.

Managed services have been central to our business service since 2000. A measure of this success is that high profile customers stay with us.

Zinon install and configure your data, thus ensuring a seamless transition from your server to your new and more secure virtual server.

Managed IT is also about business improvement. By utilising a managed IT solution you can concentrate on your business knowing that we have your back.

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