Eliminate your IT Headaches

IT, while essential in most businesses, can cause quite a few headaches. A move to Zinon IT Solutions will eliminate these headaches by making your IT system more seamless, more accessible and more cost effective.

The Most Common IT Headaches are:
  • Downtime
  • Backups
  • Wasted Time
  • Cost


Downtime can be caused by failure in hardware (PCs and servers), software (MS Office, Accounting / Payroll packages, etc), and all other equipment (cables, routers, etc).

The failures can occur because of damage, product failure, human error, overload of resources and scheduled downtime (applications being updated).

Zinon IT Solutions stores all your data on the cloud so you can use any device to log on e.g. tablet, phone, etc. Managed, controlled software updates are run regularly. All your data can be restored to a previous days backup in a matter of minutes.

Back ups

Backing up your data is essential, but it’s something that businesses often forget about. If your information isn’t backed up, you could lose it forever if your server crashes. With Zinon IT Solutions all of your valuable data and files are stored in a secure, Irish based server that is automatically backed up on 14 day basis. This means that even if your own computers crash, your data will be safe.


When operating an in-house IT infrastructure you can incur a lot of costs that can put a serious dent in your capital expenditure. Zinon IT Solutions invests in hardware for you so you don’t have to. This reduces your expenses significantly as your IT infrastructure becomes an operating cost on your P&L. With Zinon your monthly cost becomes predictable, allowing you to budget more accurately and to avoid large, irregular capital costs.

See our Cost Calculator to accurately uncover your IT costs.


Often businesses waste time on trying to fix IT issues or waiting for their provider to address problems. Zinon IT Solutions provides instant telephone support and any issues that might arise are dealt with immediately and ly by our technical support team. This ensure that your business suffers minimal time loss due to IT issues.