How Cloud Computing Increases IT Reliability

Reliability is an important aspect of any business’s IT implementation.  After all, if important files and documents cannot be accessed, progress is hindered.  This has been a challenging aspect of integrating technology into businesses, as computers and servers frequently crash without warning, taking all your valuable data and programs with it.  However, modern cloud computing solutions are now offering innovative alternatives.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud solutions were originally developed to provide disaster recovery of crucial data in the event of a hardware failure.  Over time, this aspect of the industry has only gotten better.  Now, businesses can prevent the need for disaster recovery in the first place by simply migrating their data to the cloud and working directly from the virtual platform.

Hardware Upkeep

The technological infrastructure of many businesses tends to become outdated long before upgrades are implemented.  This is often the case for small businesses operating in industries other than IT.  Since their focus is on a separate product or service, they can only devote so many resources to their technical infrastructure. Existing computers and networks may be “good enough” until something goes wrong and progress is hindered.

On the other hand, a dedicated cloud provider stays on top of its technology because, frankly, it’s all they do.  They are constantly monitoring their networks and its resources for any glitches, connection issues or opportunities for enhancements.  They also maintain strict adherence to proper maintenance schedules.  In other words, they can devote the time and effort to their equipment that could potentially shift focus from the primary products or services among other businesses.

This offers a great opportunity for businesses with limited resources for a robust IT solution.  Hosted desktops are inexpensive and provide the same functionality as a physical computer. In other words, you can still access files and even program applications just as easily as your office desktop.  And with 99% uptime guaranteed (a growing industry standard), the odds of encountering a technical glitch are exceedingly rare.  But what happens in the rare event that a hosted desktop goes down?  That’s where data center backups come in…

Data Center Backups

We all know that cloud service providers are great at backing up our crucial data.  However, it’s also important to remember that they back up the data stored on their platforms as well.  In fact, many providers have full data centers dedicated to backing up their platforms along with their clients’ data.  The real benefit here is that even if something does go wrong with the service provider, the end users will never even notice; they’ll simply be diverted to another data center automatically.

A Guarantee of Reliability

As a 99% uptime guarantee becomes the industry standard, Cloud computing is just as viable as in-house solutions.  The most common interferences are certain server upgrades implemented by the vendor.  However, cloud service providers typically upgrade their systems at times when their clients are less likely to log in (i.e. late at night on weekends).  And even then, upgrades are typically finished within a matter of minutes.

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